Cave: Searching for Australia's Forgotten Beasts - Day 5 - Wrapping up

Video | Updated 3 years ago

This final video is a summary and wrap up of the WA Museum’s trip to join Filnders University in the Nullarbor caves.


Clay Bryce: Well it’s been five days out here in the Nullarbor Plain, we’ve been working Gavin Prideaux as they find all sorts of fossil finds and we’re endeavouring to get it up on our website. So you can enjoy. We’ll be bugging out tomorrow if it’s not raining too much; if it’s raining it will be a very muddy affair, but Gavin and his team will be staying for another two weeks, and I’m sure they are going to make some amazing discoveries and when they’re finished their work, we’ll endeavour to update our website, so I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done so far. See you.