Young Naturalists Club

The Young Naturalists Club is open to children in Albany and surrounding areas who are between 5 and 15 years of age. Members attend events with at least one of their parents. We provide the group with at least 2 events per month (excluding school holidays) that centre around learning about, and caring for the environment.

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Young Naturalists Club
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Upcoming events

Term 2 2017

Night Crawlers

Date: Saturday 29 April
Start: 5.30pm
Location: Mt Clarence

Hunt for night critters up Mt Clarence! Bring your torch along and we might spot possums, spiders and other surprises in the dark.

Geocache Adventure

Date: Sunday 14 May
Start: 1.00pm
Location: Gull Rock

Take in the beauty of our coastline, enjoy a bit of beach combing, maybe spot some shipwrecks and search for some hidden geocaches.

WA Day

Date: Monday 5 June
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Location: Museum of the Great Southern

Join in the fun of WA Day and also spread our passion for the environment. The Young Nats will be helping visitors create a bio gradable pot and then distributing native seedlings.

Fungi Foray

Date: Sunday 11 June
Start: 1.00pm
Location: Monkey Rock

It’s time to have fun guys! Join us on our annual forage for fungi. Bring a small mirror to inspect the underneath and a camera to capture your finds. Remember it might be damp so wear some appropriate clothing.

Who Dunnart?

Date: Sunday 25 June
Start: 1.00pm
Location: Museum of the Great Southern

Solve our wildlife murder mystery. A small grey bellied dunnart has been killed by one of our six suspects. Use your detective skills to find the killer.

Information and Membership

Please contact Peter Pritchard.
Ph: 08 9841 4844

Bookings Essential for all Events

Please book in your attendance for events. To RSVP email


Membership information

Membership information, including how to join, is available on via downloadable PDF or Word Document (request full text accessible version).

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Young Naturalists Club
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