Young Naturalists Club

The Young Naturalists Club is open to children in Albany and surrounding areas who are between 5 and 15 years of age. Members attend events with at least one of their parents. We provide the group with at least 2 events per month (excluding school holidays) that centre around learning about, and caring for the environment.

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Young Naturalists Club
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Upcoming events

Term 1 2017

Salty Summer Touch Pool

Date: Sunday 19 February
Start: 11am
Location: Whalers Cove (AKA Fisheries Beach)

Get up close and personal with the rich marine life found at Whalers Cove, with Sheryn and Liz from SCNRM. Touch the wonderful creatures found on the reefs and in the sandy shallows. Bring your bathers and snorkelling gear.

Mini Wetlands World

Date: Sunday 26 February
Start: 1pm
Location: Lake Seppings

Create a wetland ecosystem in a jar. Discover who econauts, scavengers, recyclers and the cleaning crew are and how they all work together to sustain life.

Clean Up Australia Day

Date: Sunday 5 March
Start: 1.00pm
Location: TBA

The annual Clean-Up Australia Day needs our help. Spend an hour or two at one of our Great Southern locations admiring the beauty while helping keep it that way - beautiful and rubbish free.

Water, Water, Water

Date: Sunday 19 March
Start: 1.00pm
Location: TBA

Water - have you really thought about how important it is? Let’s reflect (pun intended) on World Water Day and take some photographs of water and play with the images using our Pixlr filters.

Emu Point Netting II

Date: Sunday 2 April
Start: TBA
Location: Emu Point

Meet us at Emu Point for part 2 of our survey of what creatures live in the shallows. Tahryn and Kylie from the Department of Fisheries will drag some nets and we will try to identify what they find. Don’t forget to bring your bathers and some old shoes or reef walkers to wade in the water.

Information and Membership

Please contact Peter Pritchard.
Ph: 08 9841 4844

Bookings Essential for all Events

Please book in your attendance for events. To RSVP email


Membership information

Membership information, including how to join, is available on via downloadable PDF or Word Document (request full text accessible version).

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Young Naturalists Club
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