Create-A-Crab Workshop

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Emily Wilson
Amir Janali "Texta Crab"
Warren Argus
Ruby Czinchy and Ellie Rose Nichols
Naweed Sharifi
Omid Sharifi
Shanina Howlett
Jenessa Howlett
Hannah Archer
Aston Archer
Makayla White "Rose"
Kaiden White "Love"
Keiren Brazier "Spidy"
Chloe Withnell
Cooper Mclean-Norton
Amelia Gladwin "Rose"
Lekeshia Brazier
Tyler Withnell
Hannah Johnson "Rosie"
Claudia Johnson "Rose"
Evan Bonner "Charlie"
Alex Sinclair "Freo"
Albie Shilling
Noah Shilling
Mindy the Mud Crab
Micky the Mud Crab
Sam Snippy
Matt Snippy
Chase W
Tala Rows
Yasmee Loowen
Ebonny Crab
Cuba W.
Josh Edwards "Crabby"
Harrison the Ankler Fush
Egder P.
Cruxin Grub
John Egcrab
Bro Crab
Dave Crab
"Lily the Crab" by Charlize
"Jim the Crab" by Zach
"Lucy the Crab" by Xanthe
"Crabby" by Yalmarie
"Crusty" by Charlotte
"Kelly" by Grace
"Shelly" by Ruby
"Selena" by Charlene
"Kasih" by Eg
"Crabby" by Eb
"Armour" by Jordy
"Nippy" by Jake
"Snippy" by Charlie
"Crabbie" by Matilda
"Smashed" by Marley
"Dotty" by Sabina and "Sarah" by Sophie
"KLY" by Fraser
Evie's Crab
"Victoria" by Ella
"Kazer" by Cameron
"Crabbie" by Maram
"Sparkle" by Fatima
"Twinkle" by Ali
Zahra's Crab
"Snappy" by Sophie
"Mr Crabs" by Kayla
"Big Claw" by Leo
"Sparks" by Indira
"Crabby" by Edmund
"The non-emotionable crab" by Mia
'The Non-emotionably crab" by Mia, "The Fat Crab" by Oskar and "The Western Stripy Crab" by Liis
"Jack" by Elijah
"Dylan" by Hayden
"Maynay" by Naava
"Elizabeth the Crab" by Elizabeth
"Yellow Fellow" the Crab
Jaxon's Blue Crab
"Luke the Crab" by Jye
"Short Eyed Spike Swimmer"
"Crabman" by Riley
Max Bray
"Gumbo" the Crab
"Shell" the crab
"Emily" the Crab
"Stripes" the Crab
A Crab by Cloe
"Squishy" the Crab
"Crabby" and friend.
"Denaa" the Crab
"Ieean" the crab
Sophia Crab
"Culfcrab" by Mitchell
Talia's Crab
Kevin Crab
"Fred" by Jack
"Fred" and "Steve" by Gabriel
"Tom" krabs
"Herb" the crab
"Lowy cowy" Crab
Lily Crab
Miege Crab
"Jardon" Carb
"Mr Crabby" by Sophie
"Crab" by Marcus
Charlotte Crab
Shalini Crab
"Sunflower" By Dizela
"Sunny" the Crab
"Sampson" by Hannah
"Craby" by Jasmine
Jade Crab
Erro Crab
"Mini Mia"
"Crabbie" by Paikea
"Little Blue Crab"
"Mr Crab" by Blake
'Cool Crab" by Waaka
"Candy the Crab" by Adelle
"Mr Crab" by Ayesha
Crab by Harrison
Maycee Crab
Eloha Crab
"May" the crab by Hannah
"Fire" by Sophie
Nicholas Crab
Paikea Crab
"Small Eyes" by Michael
"Snapper" by Josh
Sammy's Crab
"Sammy" by Jemma
Tiana Crab
"Mr Krab" by Caliesha
"Crazy Crab"
"Shelly" Crab
"Chantelle" by Huriana
"Bob" by Dre
"Spikey" by Nic
"Crumpet" by Damien
"Min", "Mr Potato" and "Nipper"
"Mr Crab"
"Nganihi Sike"
"Mrs Crab", "Spotty" and "Eee"
"Matthew" and "Imogen"
"Alex" and "Mr Alex"
"Tek" by Max
"Pinchy" by Christopher
"Colourful" by Annabelle
"Snippy" by Seth
"Banksy" by Cameron
"Amelia" by Tahlia
"Rosetae" by Adele
"Cookie" by Sarah
"Cameleon" by Isaac
"Karma" by Jake
"Crabby" by Cameron
"Unesphix" by Tylor
"Messy Moloko" by Andy
"Mahar" by Andy
"Amelia" by Mia
"Amy" by Sophia
"Jessie" by Laura
"Chelsea" by Leana
"Sophie" by Alexara
"Nippy" by Kyra
"Nippy" by Anna
"Bob" by Bram
"Bane" by Jack
"DJ" by James
"Jess" by Lily
"Blaster" by James
"Crabby the Crab" by Max
"George" by Rochelle
"Pinchy" by Oliver
"Laura" by Naomi
"Crabby" by Annika
"Rochelle" by Kate
"Grace" by Grace
"Crab" by Sally
"Bongo Crab"
"Sharpie" the Crab
"Craby" by Neetha
"Bluey" by Thomas
"Coral" by Billy
"Paul" by Sean
"James Crab" by Rhys
"Grace" by Adelie
Merlin Azo
"Couch Crab"
"Hopkins" by Jed
"Ezekiel" by Bram
"Nick" by Ben
"Isabella" by Zoe
"Shimmer" by Romy
"Cool Crab" by Tully
"Claws" by Ari
"Crab" by Josh
"Lauren" by Michaela
"Freddy" by Skye
"Ben" by Kieron
"Crabby" by Riley
"Pinky" by Kaitlyn
"Betsy" by Sophie
"Jack" by Harrison
"Emma" by Ella
"X" by Kaden
"crabby" by Ethan
"Olly" by Aisha
"Bella" by Isabella
"Caruso" by Michael
"Mrs Elle" by Chantelle
"Grumpy" by Alexis
"Crabby" by Jackson
"Rocky" by Ethan
"Cutty Crab"
"Sparkle" by Sam
"Wotsisname" by Nathan
"Lyndsay", "Boris", "Bluey", "Lucy" and "Lola" by Zac, Brooke, Kate, Caitlin and Mikaela
"Mr Crab" by Isabella
"Rocky" by Tahlia
"Rudy" by James
"Lucy" by Olivia
"Polly" by Ruby
"Spikes" by Marco
"Colours" by Frankee
"Sammy the Crab" by Callum
"Scuttle" by Lucy
"Lucy the Crab" by Caitlin
"Nipper" by Sam
"Claws the Crab"
"Chloe the Crab"
"Hermione the Hermit Crab"
"Green the Crab"
"Herby" the Crab
"kermit" the Crab
"Mr Krabs"
"Krusty" by Beau
"Matthew Pavlich Jr".

This photo gallery documents some new crab species discovered by our junior Aquatic Zoology department.

Join us daily from 10.00am - 2.00pm during the October school holidays at the Western Australian Museum - Perth for more creative marine-themed craft activities..

This activity is proudly supported by Woodside.

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