Professional Learning Program 2016 - Shipwreck Galleries

We’re currently working on our 2017 Professional Learning Program. In the meantime check out some of the reviews from this year’s program.

Exploring Explorers: Treasures with a Tale

12 May and 14 July 2016

Treasure hunting teachers hit the source-material jackpot in May and June when they attended Professional Learning events on Explorers. Participants toured the Shipwreck Galleries, discovering Western Australia’s amazing maritime exploration stories along the way. They then enjoyed highlights of our Exploring Explorers facilitated lesson, and engaged with a range of source material (treasure!),reinforcing the important role that varied source material has in piecing together stories of the past. The group were taken through a range of supporting museum-based and back in the classroom activities to enhance their teaching of the topic, and had an opportunity to share their own successes with each other. Another great, informative, and enthusiastic meeting of minds – thanks to all who attended!

Everything was presented with enthusiasm and demonstrated a great knowledge of the history involved. Also teaching activities were very well thought out

All very inspirational. Loved the lesson examples.

Developing the story around the items on displays was a great idea”.

Thanks heaps, glad I came”.

The knowledge was fantastic. Incredibly interesting and captivating to listen to.

Step into the Olden Days

19 April 2016

Our latest professional learning event saw teachers stepping back in time in our refurbished Olden Days classroom located within the heritage buildings at the Shipwreck Galleries in Fremantle. Audience participation was the order of the day with opportunities to dress up, practice reading drills, and perfect handwriting. Being exceptional students, not a single one received the cane thereby avoiding the punishment book!

Once the bell sounded for the end of the morning session, participants were then taken through a structured session focusing on some of the tools, strategies and resources for teaching history in the classroom. Through this combined presentation and facilitated brainstorming format, the group gained insight into museum practice, explored the value of object based learning, reviewed some historical inquiry skills, and then shared their creative and engaging teaching ideas for this topic.

A guided tour of the Shipwreck Galleries, focusing on areas relevant to the K-3 curriculum, rounded off an informative and enjoyable snapshot of our history program.

Every section of the PD was excellent – useful both for knowing what will happen during my class’s excursion and great ideas to teach history in my class”.

Loved everything – the classroom/hands-on were all stimulating. Also loved the ideas to do in the classroom”.

Passionate and insightful presenters.

Everything was interesting!

An excellent PL!

Step into the Olden Days
Step into the Olden Days
Image copyright WA Museum

Strangers on the Shore - a stirling PL! 

Land ahoy! Early in April 2016, WA teachers were able to step into the shoes of the early settlers during the recent Strangers on the Shore professional learning event. This event introduced teachers to the upcoming new program about early colonial settlement for Year 5 students, Strangers on the Shore (available from Semester 2, 2016). The group journeyed to Garden Island where they visited Cliff Head, the site of Captain Stirling’s first camp in 1829, and looked at the archaeological, historical and ecological importance of this site. Participants had the opportunity to investigate links to the colonial past at the Shipwreck Galleries and explore the significance and changing landscape of Fremantle’s Bathers Beach area.With expert information from Dr Shane Burke from Notre Dame University, WA Museum Curators and Australian Defence Force personnel, a fun, educational and inspiring time was had by all!

People participating in Strangers on the Shore

People participating in Strangers on the Shore
Image copyright WA Museum 

“I found this PL absolutely fascinating. Thanks.”

“Thank you for the best PL experience I’ve had in a long time!!”

“Congratulations on a fantastic day!”

“Excellent background information, archaeology and historical perspectives.”

People participating in Strangers on the Shore

People participating in Strangers on the Shore
Image copyright WA Museum