WA Maritime Museum School Programs

Student looking at an object in Maritime Museum

There are three ways of visiting the WA Maritime Museum with education groups:

  1. Facilitated Education Programs

  2. Temporary Exhibition Programs

  3. Self-guided visits

Facilitated Education Programs

These programs are led by the WA Maritime Museum's Education staff.

Sessions are available Monday to Thursday. Costs apply and bookings are essential.

For any assistance call 1300 134 081.

Please note that if you cancel your booking for our facilitated activities within 14 days of your visit, you will be required to pay the full cost of the excursion. Changes to dates and times are subject to availability

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Immigration Stories (Year 6) New 2019 Program

Stephen and Family leaving England

In 1968, Stephen and his family stood on the deck of the Fairstar waving and throwing streamers as they bade farewell to England.
Image courtesy Stephen Anstey

Availability: Monday to Thursday during term
Sessions: 2 per day at 10am (other time options are available)
Cost: $160 per session
Duration: 120 minutes (approx)
Arrival: from 9.30am to allow for morning break
Maximum students: 32 per session
Supervision ratio: 1 adult to 10 students
Curriculum links: Historical knowledge and understanding; Historical skills.

The WA Maritime Museum is the perfect location to bring Year 6 students as a stimulus to explore the stories of people who migrated to Australia. The Museum is located on Victoria Quay in historic Fremantle where many people disembarked ships to start the Australian part of their migration story.

Immigration Stories is a new two-part 120 minute curriculum-linked package that immerses your students throughout our galleries. It assists teachers of Year 6 students with the following HASS focus questions:

  • Why did they migrate to Australia? (ACHASSK136)
  • How did they contribute to Australian society? (ACHASSK137)

Students participating in this two part program will:

Part A - Interactive Gallery Tour: 

  • Take part in an interactive gallery tour that follows the life of an Italian fishing migrant who came to Fremantle in the early 1900s
  • Recreate some of the challenges and achievements of this person’s life in the context of migration to Western Australia
  • Discuss how individuals and groups such as the Italian fishing migrants have shaped Fremantle and Western Australia in the past and today

Part B – Object Exploration:

  • Read the stories of five migrants who have come to Western Australia between 1891 and 1968
  • Handle a range of objects that are linked to the various stages of each person’s migration story
  • Discuss the motivations for coming, challenges, achievements and contributions of each migrant
  • See gallery artefacts that come from or link to migrants who came to WA
  • Reflect on the importance of using a range of sources when examining the past

Booking Instructions:

  1. We can accommodate 2 classes per day starting at 10am, each class needs to be booked separately
  2. Click on the button below to check the available dates and sessions
  3. Select your desired date and fill out your class details
  4. You will require your schools payment card (we accept VISA or Mastercard) to complete your booking
  5. Your payment will be instantly processed and you will receive a confirmation email of your booking

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Discovery Walks (Years 4 - 12)

Availability: Monday to Thursday during term
Sessions: 10am, 11am & 12pm. Bookings essential.
Duration: 1 hour (approx.)
Curriculum links: General capabilities; Cross-curricular.
Cost: $160 per session

Join us on a guided exploration of the Museum, activated with touchable objects and compelling stories.

Discovery Walk: Challenge and Courage
Explore inspiring tales that focus on bravery, resilience and adventure on the high seas.

Students participating in this program will:

  • Participate in a guided walk of the Maritime Museum
  • Stop at five displays of interest relating to concepts of bravery, courage and resilience.
  • Engage with touchable objects and respond to the content on display.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the concept of ‘courage’ and the character and motivations of people from the past.

Discovery Walk: Maritime Mysteries

Our maritime world is abound with mysteries. Find out about the gaps in our knowledge, and the intriguing dilemmas and puzzles yet to be solved.

Students participating in this program will:

  • Participate in a guided walk of the Maritime Museum.
  • Stop at five displays of interest relating maritime mysteries.
  • Engage with touchable objects and respond to the content on display.
  • Enhance their understanding of sustainability.
  • Understand that our knowledge of oceans, maritime science, and history is still developing.

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Submarine Tours (Years 4 - 12*)

Image of Fremantle Harbour with Maritime Museum in background

Time: Multiple sessions a day. Bookings essential - call 1300 134 081.
Duration: 1 hour (approx.)
Curriculum links: Historical Knowledge and Understanding; Historical Skills

Find out what life is like aboard a submarine and immerse yourself in Fremantle's secret wartime history.

The Oberon class Submarine HMAS Ovens is an authentic Cold War-era vessel. This exhibit serves as a living memorial to submariners and those who gave their lives during Australia’s Naval history.

*Special conditions apply for entry.

Temporary Exhibition Programs

Every year the WA Maritime Museum hosts and exciting range of temporary exhibitions.

Most visits to the temporary exhibitions are self-guided. Costs may apply and bookings are essential.

Please book by calling 1300 134 081.

Kylie on Stage

Kylie Minogue, Kylie Showgirl: The Greatest Hits tour, 2005. Photograph by Ken M

Dates: 16 February - 6 June 2019
Duration: 60 minute self-guided viewing sessions (staggered small group entry)
Cost: Free for school groups. Bookings essential
Curriculum links: Secondary Arts and Technology

Students visiting the Kylie on Stage exhibition will see costumes from Kylie Minogue's spectacular stage wardrobe held at the Arts Centre Melbourne's Australian Performing Arts Collection.

Kylie on Stage allows students to view a selection of designs, working drawings, photographs and video footage that explores the creative process behind the costumes and provides rare glimpses into the world backstage.

Teachers can preview the exhibition for free on Saturday 16 February between 9.30am and 12pm. RSVP essential.

Find out more and view the Kylie on Stage learning resources.

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey

Dates: 6 July – 10 November 2019
Duration: 60 minute self-guided viewing sessions (staggered small group entry)
Cost: $10 per student, supervisors free up to ratio. Bookings essential
Curriculum links: Science as a Human Endeavour; Inquiry Skills; Biological Sciences

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey – The Experience is a journey into the world of one of most misunderstood animals on earth. It is an educational story of 450 million years of evolution, of form and function, of over-fishing and the fight to save the shark.

Your students will see displays of full-scale specimen models, the king of which is our Great White, cast from a real animal. Also on display are extremely rare fossils, up to 370 million years old, plus real teeth and jaws. A large multi-screen high definition cinematic production transports students into the world of the shark.

Bookings for this amazing experience will be taken from Term 1 2019.

Planet Shark is produced by Grande Exhibitions.

Self-guided Programs

School's are welcome to explore the WA Maritime Museum at their own pace on self-guided visits.

Our self-guided activities encourage students to engage with the whole museum, appreciate its collection in sometimes new or different ways, and consider what different sources of information can reveal.

Places are available Monday to Friday. These programs are free but bookings are essential.

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Before your visit to the museum:

  1. Print off the desired number of worksheets and bring these with you on the day.
  2. Please provide your own clipboards and pencils if you choose to use them.

Upon arrival at the museum:

  1. Divide your class into small groups, each with a parent helper. Ensure parent helpers are briefed on the activity.
  2. Encourage groups to start at different points in the museum to avoid congestion.
  3. Students may need to read information panels as well as look at the objects to complete the tasks.

Back at school:

  1. You may wish to have students share their responses to the worksheets, or conduct further research on their findings.

Available student activity worksheets:

Bits of Boats - PDF [310KB]

Courage - PDF [347KB]

Making Connections - PDF [769KB]

Object Analysis - PDF [1,619KB]

Treasure Hunt - PDF [841KB]

Using the Ocean's Bounty - PDF [929KB]

    Bits_of_Boats_Student_Activity_WAMM.pdf309.05 KB
    Courage_Student_Activity_WAMM.pdf346.79 KB
    Making_Connections_Student_Activity_WAMM.pdf768.89 KB
    Object_Analysis_Student_Activity_WAMM.pdf1.58 MB
    Treasure_Hunt_Student_Activity_WAMM.pdf840.06 KB
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