Professional Learning at the Maritime Museum

We’re currently working on our 2017 Professional Learning Program. In the meantime check out some of the reviews from this year’s program.

Immigration: Suitcase Stories 

12 July 2016

Welcome, welcome. Who comes hither? The July school holidays saw a group of teachers take part in an immigration focused PL. Warmed by a cuppa on a cold winter’s day and overlooking the port which welcomed thousands of weary travellers seeking a new home in a new country, participants rummaged through a collection of ‘lost luggage’ to uncover the true story of each bag’s owner.

The session included a discussion about the nature of Western Australia prior to European arrival and the various waves of migration since colonisation, strategies for developing HASS skills and incorporating literacy and other subject areas into the study of migration, and a presentation of a range of teaching resources and suggested post-museum visit classroom activities.

An entertaining game of dramatic charades and a guided tour of the Maritime Museum rounded off a great morning.

“Two hours wasn’t enough!”

“The suitcase activity was very effective.”

“Learning about the different ways history can be caught and accessed by students in the classroom was very valuable.”

“The whole session worked well.”