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Tapes sericeus

Authority: Matsukuma, 1986

Family: Veneridae

Tapes sericeus was found at:

Map of Dampier Archipelago Station DA1/98/01 Station DA1/98/02 Station DA1/98/04 Station DA1/98/10 Station DA1/98/11 Station DA1/98/16 Station DA1/98/17 Station DA1/98/19 Station DA1/98/23 Station DA1/98/24 Station DA1/98/25 Station DA1/98/28 Station DA1/98/31 Station DA1/98/33 Station DA3/99/37 Station DA3/99/41 Station DA3/99/42 Station DA3/99/44 Station DA3/99/53 Station DA3/99/55 Station DA3/99/56 Station DA3/99/57 Station DA3/99/63

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Distribution by Station:

  • DA1/98/01 — E side of the N tip of Dolphin Island
  • DA1/98/02 — E side of Dolphin Island
  • DA1/98/04 — Off N coast of Legendre Island
  • DA1/98/10 — Passage between Angel and Gidley Islands
  • DA1/98/11 — W coast of S part of Dolphin Island
  • DA1/98/16 — E side, near SW end of Hamersley Shoals
  • DA1/98/17 — Flying Foam Passage, Wilcox Island
  • DA1/98/19 — Bay on the E side near S point of Hauy Island
  • DA1/98/23 — Large bay on E side of Dolphin Island
  • DA1/98/24 — Large bay on E side of Dolphin Island
  • DA1/98/25 — S tip of Keast Island
  • DA1/98/28 — W coast near the N end of Dolphin Island
  • DA1/98/31 — Island towards E end of Sea Ripple Passage
  • DA1/98/33 — Off the NE point of Angel Island
  • DA3/99/37 — Off W side of Malus Islands
  • DA3/99/41 — S of Norbill Bay, NE of Georgeff Reefs
  • DA3/99/42 — Georgeff Reef
  • DA3/99/44 — SE of Gordon Point, Rosemary Island
  • DA3/99/53 — NE coast of Enderby Island
  • DA3/99/55 — Channel between Enderby Island and West Lewis Island
  • DA3/99/56 — N of NW point of Eaglehawk Island
  • DA3/99/57 — NE of North West Reefs
  • DA3/99/63 — Bay on SW coast of East Lewis Island