Registration with WAM

Due to the end of both our contracts, Kym and I will no longer be running WAMTS effective immediately. This will necessitate changes to the services provided by WAMTS and the way they are delivered. The WAMTS webpage will no longer be used for the submission of requests, instead consultants will need to email each curator/department individually.

Downloads and instructions

Lodgement Guidelines

Reporting Charges and Invoices

Data (spreadsheet) templates

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  1. 1 Project Details
  2. 2 ID Specifics
  3. 3 Consultancy Details
Please specify if an existing WAM-TS reference project code is relevant (eg. from related database searches). If there is no existing WAM-TS ID, write "N/A".
ID Requirements
Please nominate the animal groups to ensure the most relevant staff members are notified of your request.
Please indicate if any specimens are for registration only. If molecular identification is selected, please indicate if you would be interested in getting additional animals sequenced and we will supply a list of available related tissues that would complement your project.

Upon receipt of samples at the WA Museum, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact address when the data have been checked. The submission will be issued with a unique WAM identifier number that should be used for any correspondence regarding the submission.
Difficult identifications may require outsourcing that may incur additional charges. Requirements will be discussed with the project contact before proceeding with outsourcing.