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  • A crane removing the lens from the Port Moore lighthouse

    Shining a light on Geraldton's history

    News | Created 17 Dec 2013

    The Fresnel lens from one of the State’s oldest working lighthouses, Geraldton’s 135-year-old Point Moore Lighthouse, will go on permanent display at the Western Australian Museum – Geraldton from December 20.

    The project was made possible through funding from the City of Greater Geraldton, in-kind assistance from Geraldton Port Authority for the installation of the lens and Diab Engineering sponsorship.

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  • Scientifically accurate artwork of a Spinosaurus from which the animatronic dinosaur will be constructed

    Dinosaurs storm WA Museum in world first!

    News | Created 13 Dec 2013

    The Western Australian Museum will bring to life the extraordinary dinosaurs of the Earth’s Cretaceous period in a spine-tingling, custom-made exhibition featuring more than 20 life-size animatronic models.

    Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous is currently in development and will premiere here in Perth on April 11 next year when the dinosaurs inhabit specially created, authentic Cretaceous era environments at the Museum.

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  • an near miss between an osprey and spoonbill midflight

    Amazing ANZANG returns to Albany!

    News | Created 29 Nov 2013

    The Western Australian Museum tour of The Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition will kick off in Albany on December 6.

    The Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year showcases the unique natural beauty of the Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea region via the winning works of the world’s best amateur and professional photographers.

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  • a white-shelled land snail on a rock

    Barrow Island’s brand new bugs

    News | Created 18 Nov 2013

    Twenty-five brand new bugs from Barrow Island and neighbouring areas of WA's northwest  have been described in the latest Records of the Western Australian Museum.

    The Terrestrial Invertebrates Fauna of Barrow Island volume describes 25 new species including a snail, two spiders, a silverfish and 21 flies, and one new genus of wolf spider.

    WA Museum Head of Terrestrial Zoology, Mark Harvey, said the new volume, sponsored by Chevron Australia, contains 22 scientific papers written by a total of 43 authors using data from more than 20 years of collecting.

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  • man standing in the Mid West outback

    Fading voices: the loss of linguistic diversity

    News | Created 15 Nov 2013

    The global effects of unprecedented indigenous language loss will be discussed in two public lectures at the Western Australian Museum – Geraldton on November 21 and 22.

    Presented by Bundiyarra – Irra Wangga Language Program linguist James Bednall, the lectures will explain the contributing issues and detrimental effects language extinction has on individuals, communities and humanity as a whole.

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  • rocky outback landscape

    On Badimaya Country

    News | Created 12 Nov 2013

     An exhibition celebrating the culture and country of the Badimaya people of Mount Magnet will go on display at the Western Australian Museum – Geraldton from November 15.

    On Badimaya Country, a joint photographic and language documentation project, captures the culture, language and extensive regional knowledge of the local Badimaya people in photo and film.

    The photographs were taken by Johanna Wagner, who worked on a voluntary basis at the Bidi Bidi community centre in Mount Magnet for three months in 2012.

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  • A composite image of the HMAS Sydney wreck on the ocean floor

    $50,000 grant takes HMAS Sydney 3D imaging project forward

    News | Created 4 Nov 2013

    A $50,000 Lotterywest grant will help the Friends of the Western Australian Museum develop a project to bring the story of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran to a wider audience.

    The Friends of the Museum – a not-for-profit group committed to promoting the development and advancement of the WA Museum – will work with the Museum, its partners and communities close to the event, to scope the potential for significant exhibitions to be created from a project to image the wrecks that is already underway.

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  • Two female models posing in front of large wheels

    Museum to toast fashion’s finest

    News | Created 4 Nov 2013

    Two exhibitions celebrating the best of creativity and innovation in Australian fashion will open to the public at the Western Australian Museum – Perth tomorrow.

    Aurelio Costarella: A 30 year retrospective and Frock Stars: Inside Australian Fashion Week will run concurrently, free of charge, from 2 November to 2 February and 27 January 2014, respectively.

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  • pewter plate marked with inscriptions

    De Vlamingh plate headed to Canberra

    News | Created 29 Oct 2013

    The Western Australian Museum’s famous De Vlamingh Plate will travel to the Nation’s capital next month to take part in the National Library of Australia’s Mapping our World exhibition.

    The 30cm pewter plate, which dates back to 1697 when Dutchman Willem de Vlamingh landed at Dirk Hartog Island, Shark Bay, is one of Australia's oldest and most treasured historical artefacts left behind by our early explorers.

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  • Australian soldier sitting next a criado during World War Two in East Timor

    Repaying a Debt of Honour

    News | Created 18 Oct 2013

    The incredible story of 270 Australians who defied all odds to hold down 10,000 Japanese troops during a critical point of World War II will be exhibited at the Western Australian Museum – Kalgoorlie-Boulder from October 26.

    Debt of Honour: Australia’s First Commandos and East Timor recounts little known details of one of Australia’s most defining Second World War campaigns and the enduring relationship between the Australian troops and the people of East Timor who risked their lives to help them.

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  • Stylised portrait of C.Y. O’Connor

    Making Science POP!

    News | Created 14 Oct 2013

    Eight of Western Australia’s brightest innovative minds have been captured in a series of eye-popping artworks to go on display at the WA Museum – Geraldton from October 25.

    The SCI-POP portraits by Perth artist Miles Noel depict past and present Western Australians responsible for great scientific innovation and discovery such as engineer C Y O'Connor, early settler and botanist Georgiana Molloy, and geologist Phillip Playford.

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  • A small spotted and well camouflaged lizard on a rocky surface

    Geraldton's new gecko revealed!

    News | Created 9 Oct 2013

    Scientists from the Western Australian Museum have discovered a rare new species of gecko in the State’s Mid-West and will reveal it to the public for the first time at the WA Museum – Geraldton on Tuesday, October 22.

    WA Museum reptile curator Dr Paul Doughty said the Cloudy Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus nebulosus) is a new species of gecko lizard endemic to the Geraldton region.

    “The species only occurs from Mt Lesueur in the south, in the hills to the east of Geraldton and up to the Hutt River,” Dr Doughty said.

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  • Two girls wearing traditional Thai Hill Tribe clothing

    Museum fundraiser to support Thai hill tribe

    News | Created 20 Sep 2013

    The Western Australian Museum - Albany will host a public fundraiser for Northern Thailand’s little-known Lahu hill tribe on Friday 27 September from 5.30pm.

    WA Museum regional manager Rachael Wilsher-Saa said the ‘Insight Lahu’ event aims to raise the profile of the Lahu and other hill tribe people and the contemporary issues faced by their people and traditional culture. 

    “Originating from Tibet, the Lahu people moved to the hill regions of Thailand as refugees many years ago,” Ms Wilsher-Saa said. 

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  • The Abrolhos Islands at a sunrise showing a reflection of the islands against the calm water

    Award-winning Abrolhos exhibition arrives in Fremantle

    News | Created 2 Sep 2013

    The award-winning exhibition capturing a decade of social and environmental change within the small fishing communities of the Abrolhos Islands will go on display at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle, from September 7.

    WA Museum executive director Dr Ian MacLeod said the museum is thrilled to host Seeing Change: A photographic story from Abrolhos fishers, named Best Temporary Exhibition under $20,000 at the Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNAs) in May.

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  • Public to see more displays in new museum

    News | Created 27 Aug 2013

    • State Government commits $6.5million in 2013-14 for new museum project
    • Museum to get advanced facilities to care for millions of exhibits
    • Welshpool storage facility essential component of new museum project

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  • A scientist wearing gloves examining some feathers with a pair of foreceps and a test tube

    DNA confirms elusive Night Parrot found

    News | Created 9 Aug 2013

    Work at the Western Australian Museum’s recently acquired DNA laboratory has proved conclusively the Night Parrot – often referred to as the Holy Grail of ornithology – is not extinct.

    Queensland bird enthusiast John Young, who has been searching for the Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) for nearly 15 years, sent five feathers from a roost site he found within the Lake Eyre Basin to the Museum’s Molecular Systematics Unit for testing, convinced the birds he had been watching were indeed the elusive parrot.

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  • A series of ancient shark teeth assembled in a line

    Palaeontological detective work unravels evolution of megatooth sharks

    News | Created 7 Aug 2013

    New discoveries of fossil material from the North West of Western Australia, France, USA and Sweden have revolutionised the early history of megatooth sharks.

    Skeletal remains and teeth between 95-80 million years old, described this week in the scientific journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, indicate the megatooth group - which ruled the oceans for 60 million years until the extinction of Otodus megalodon, the mother of all beasts, two million years ago - was far more diverse than previously thought.

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  • Aurelio Costarella standing next to two of his designs

    High fashion heats up at WA Museum!

    News | Created 5 Aug 2013

    - Museum set to host stunning season of fashion
    - Two exhibitions salute renowned WA designer and Australian Fashion Week
    - Your backstage pass to the exclusive world of high fashion - free  

    The Western Australian Museum is set to host a season of fashion with two exhibitions saluting the best that Australian fashion has to offer.

    Aurelio Costarella: A 30 year retrospective and Frock Stars: Inside Australian Fashion Week will run concurrently from November 2 through until February 2014.

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  • Two people standing near the entrance to exhibition 'Debt of Honour'

    Geraldton’s last World War II Commando

    News | Created 1 Aug 2013

    With the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942, the Second World War suddenly struck Australian shores.  On the same night, Japanese troops landed in East Timor, and for the 270 Australian soldiers of the 2/2nd Independent Company a remarkable ten-month guerrilla campaign began. Although vastly outnumbered, the 2/2nd commandos held down 10,000 crack Japanese troops. Corporal Tom Foster WX13202 from Geraldton was one of those men.

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