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  • Male Osedax priapus

    A new species of deep-sea bone worm turns a reproductive strategy on its head

    News | Created 15 Dec 2014

    A study published today in Current Biology reveals a new species of marine bone-eating worm whose mating system defies what scientists thought they knew about this already bizarre creature.  Unlike previously discovered species, these males are the same size as females.

    When Osedax worms were first discovered 12 years ago, only females were found, feasting on bones deep in the ocean.  The males were all dwarfs, permanently attached to females’ tubes in groups like harems.

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  • Muslim fashion bloggers Delina Darusman-Gala and Mya Arifin with a group of friends

    Muslim women’s style on display at WA Museum – Geraldton

    News | Created 9 Dec 2014

    An exhibition showcasing Muslim women’s contemporary fashion will open at the Western Australian Museum – Geraldton this week.

    Faith Fashion Fusion: Muslim women’s style in Australia focuses on an emerging modest fashion market and the work of Australian Muslim designers and entrepreneurs.

    A group of well-respected Australian Muslim women also share their experiences of faith and fashion, including three Geraldton women.

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  • Santa outside WA Museum - Kalgoorlie-Boulder

    Santa visits WA Museum – Kalgoorlie-Boulder

    News | Created 4 Dec 2014

    Santa will pay a special visit to the Western Australian Museum – Kalgoorlie-Boulder during its Open Day this week.

    Children will have the opportunity to have their photograph taken with Santa, as well as participate in free activities on St Barbara’s Day, Saturday 6 December.

    WA Museum – Kalgoorlie-Boulder Manager Zoe Scott said there will be Christmas card making, hula hoop decorating, face-painting and poppy making activities on the day.

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  • Giant clam and researcher at Ashmore Reef

    Kimberley marine research findings and challenges

    News | Created 26 Nov 2014

    The Western Australian Museum has concluded its sixth and final expedition of an award-winning research project into the Kimberley’s unique marine life.

    Aquatic Zoology Senior Project Officer Clay Bryce will present Kimberley Marine Life Secrets Revealed at the WA Maritime Museum this Wednesday 26 November as part of the Western Australian Museum’s In the Wild West lecture series.

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  • Artisan’s recreation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Air screw

    Da Vinci Machines at WA Museum – Albany

    News | Created 26 Nov 2014

    Experience Leonardo da Vinci’s genius first-hand when da Vinci Machines opens at the Western Australian Museum – Albany this Saturday 29 November.

    This exciting exhibition features 60 of his visionary inventions in the areas of flying machines, nautical innovations, and machines of war, alongside 15 beautifully crafted replicas of famous da Vinci artworks.

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  • Crown dismantles into six separate sections

    Hidden Treasures exhibition extended at the WA Museum

    News | Created 13 Nov 2014

    The Western Australian Museum is delighted to announce it is extending its season of the stunning exhibition Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul until 18 January 2015.

    This beautiful exhibition of treasures once thought lost to the world contains more than 200 rare and beautiful objects dating back to the Bronze Age, from a place that was once at the crossroads of the world’s great civilisations.

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  • Breakaway Caves at Weld Range

    Building a web of knowledge about Weld Range

    News | Created 11 Nov 2014

    An update of research findings from the Weld Range in Wajarri Yamatji country will be presented at a public lecture next week at the Western Australian Museum – Geraldton.

    Weld Range, near Cue in the Murchison region, is highly significant for the Wajarri Yamatji Traditional Owners.

    It is home to the nationally heritage listed Wilgie Mia Aboriginal Ochre Mine, mined by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

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  • Military historian Graham McKenzie-Smith at the London Imperial War Museum where he has been researching the underground battles of WWI.

    The Goldfields commemorates Remembrance Day

    News | Created 10 Nov 2014

    Learn about the role young men from the Goldfields played in World War One tomorrow when military historian Graham McKenzie-Smith presents Goldfields Tunnellers and Sappers in World War One as part of the Western Australian Museum’s In the Wild West lecture series.

    The Remembrance Day presentation details how many miners from the Goldfields joined the Tunnelling Companies of the Australian Imperial Force during World War One.

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  • Screenshot from the From Ground to Port mining game

    Explore the rich history of Mid West mining online

    News | Created 15 Oct 2014

    The Western Australian Museum – Geraldton this week launched two interactive online activities allowing primary-aged students to explore the rich history of Mid West mining in a novel and fun way.

    The two activities were developed thanks to a Your Community Heritage grant awarded to the WA Museum in 2012 from the Australian Government.

    In the Miner to Magnate quiz children answer a series of questions on a range of different Mid West minerals from guano to gold, learning fun facts through entertaining infographics.

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  • image of a Bicycle created from da Vinci's Codice

    Da Vinci Machines exhibition extended

    News | Created 3 Oct 2014

    The Western Australian Museum – Geraldton today announced a three week extension to its internationally acclaimed Da Vinci Machines exhibition, until Sunday 9 November.

    Since the exhibition opened in July more than 8,000 people have explored and interacted with this amazing exhibition.

    Regional Manager of the WA Museum – Geraldton Leigh O’Brien said the exhibition had been extremely popular, with many visitors astounded at the breadth of Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary talent.

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  • image of giant clam

    Final research expedition to include Rowley Shoals

    News | Created 3 Oct 2014

    The Western Australian Museum will lead a team of researchers to the Kimberley this week in the sixth and final expedition of an award-winning research project into the region’s unique marine life.

    The 17-day survey from 30 September – 16 October includes 16 researchers from the WA Museum, Queensland Museum, the Australian Museum, Museum Victoria, the Herbarium of WA and Curtin University.

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  • an image of one of the postcards from Lida's admirer Jack Bonney

    One Hundred Postcards from the front line

    News | Created 3 Oct 2014

    An extraordinary collection of postcards sent to a Boulder woman from men serving on the front line of World War One will go on display at the Western Australian Museum – Albany from Saturday 27 September.

    More than one hundred postcards were sent from six young soldiers serving in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) to home-nurse Eliza ‘Lida’ Jane Downey.

    WA Museum history curator Stephen Anstey said the postcards were sent from the soldiers while they were training and when they were on active duty overseas.

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  • Image of a Kimberley Spadefoot pair

    Kimberley proves to be a frog hot-spot

    News | Created 22 Sep 2014

    Find out about frogs this week when Dr Paul Doughty, Curator of Herpetology at the Western Australian Museum presents two lectures in Broome and Kununurra as part of the Museum’s 2014 In the Wild West lecture series.

    Wet and Wild: Frogs of the Kimberley will delve into recent discoveries and introduce  a who’s who of the region’s frogs including conspicuous tree frogs, rockhole frogs and burrowing frogs.

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  • Asylum seeker boat donated to Museum

    News | Created 8 Sep 2014

    The Western Australian Museum today thanked the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service for donating the wooden asylum seeker boat that arrived into Geraldton in April 2013, to its collection.

    WA Museum CEO Alec Coles said the vessel and its story were part of contemporary Australian history, and the Museum was committed to documenting the historical record through the collection of significant objects that explored the history of WA and connected people to its past, present and future.

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  • Picture of golden cranes hanging inside the WA Maritime Museum

    1,000 origami cranes fly at the Maritime Museum for child cancer research

    News | Created 5 Sep 2014

    One thousand gold coloured origami cranes have been suspended from the ceiling vents in the WA Maritime Museum’s foyer for the month of September in support of Go Gold Australia for Childhood Cancer.

    The WA Museum’s Executive Director of Fremantle Museums and Maritime Heritage Dr Ian MacLeod said the Museum is proud to be taking part in September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

    “Go Gold Australia for Childhood Cancer is a volunteer organisation dedicated to raising awareness to advance research into childhood cancers,” Dr MacLeod said.

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  • Image of the Haliclona durdong

    Nyoongar peoples acknowledged in new sponge species names

    News | Created 4 Sep 2014

    Two new sponge species unique to the southern Western Australian coast have been given species names to honour the Nyoongar peoples as traditional owners of that land.

    Haliclona durdong and Haliclona djeedara are endemic to the WA coastline, occurring in temperate rocky reef habitats and shallow waters from Jurien Bay to Bremer Bay, and are found nowhere else in the world.

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  • Artwork of the Zuytdorp ashore

    New technologies reveal more of maritime mysteries

    News | Created 3 Sep 2014

    Adjunct Professor and Curator of Maritime Archaeology at the WA Museum Dr Michael (Mack) McCarthy will reveal new and exciting developments occurring behind the scenes at the Museum in an engaging lecture presented in Geraldton on Wednesday 3 September and at Carnarvon on Thursday 4 September.

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  • Image of the Zeewijk cannon on Marine Terrace

    Crucial cannon conservation to begin

    News | Created 3 Sep 2014

    The Western Australian Museum undertook a delicate operation to remove the Zeewijk cannon from Marine Terrace last Tuesday, so it can be transported to Fremantle for critical conservation treatment.

    With the help of the City of Greater Geraldton, a small crane safely lifted the 289 year-old cannon from its concrete plinth and place it onto a cushioned trailer bed, where it was carefully wrapped in padding and canvas before travelling to the Materials Conservation department of the WA Museum in Fremantle.

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