Catherine Belcher and Leigh O'Brien

Western Australian Museum CEO Alec Coles today announced Museum of Geraldton Senior Project Officer Leigh O’Brien is the Museum’s new Regional Manager.

Ms O’Brien takes over from Catherine Belcher who has moved to a new role with the WA Museum based in Perth.

“I congratulate Leigh on her appointment and I know that she will put her heart and soul into the Museum of Geraldton and the vibrant region it serves,” Mr Coles said.

Ms O’Brien has previously acted in the role of Regional Manager at the Museum of Geraldton. She has also been a Senior Project Officer at Geraldton, and a History Curator for the wider organisation.

Ms Belcher’s new position is the WA Museum’s Head of Culture and Communities, which oversees the Museum’s history, archaeology, anthropology, maritime archaeology and the maritime history departments.

Today Mr Coles thanked Catherine for her excellent work leading the Museum of Geraldton for nearly 10 years.

“Catherine very much established the Museum at the heart of the local community and I am confident she will bring the same level of dedication to her new role based in Perth,” Mr Coles said.

“I wish both Leigh and Catherine success in their new roles and I know that they will continue to inspire people to explore and share their culture, environment and sense of place in the world through vibrant and engaging Museum services.”


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Sharna Craig
Media and Publicity Officer
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