Exhibitions taking shape

News | Created 27 Sep 2017

Hand sketches on rough drawing of exhibition floor plan

Exhibition designers Thylacine Design and Freeman Ryan Design are working closely with our team to develop the New Museum exhibitions. Since their appointment earlier this year (see Innovative exhibition teams to design WA's stories) the design concepts for each gallery space are emerging.

At this stage in the project, the concepts include the overarching inspiration for the design and how this will be expressed, high level floor plans showing where key exhibits will be located and how visitors can move through them as well as sketches of these key exhibits demonstrating what they will look like and how they will work.

Exhibition design is an iterative process, developing creative solutions to communicate the key messages and display the objects and other interpretive materials to be incorporated. The Museum continues to engage with Western Australians about the stories to be shared and the ways in they can be experienced. This informs the exhibition designs.

It’s fantastic to see the exhibitions starting to take shape and we look forward to updating on progress.

Room full of people sit in board room discussing while writing on whiteboard

Image copyright WA Museum